Multi-fuel burner systems

burner modification for green energy production biogas

To successfully use biogas as a fuel, our engineers can design and implement modification of the burners at your plant. Whether those are indirect water heaters, steam boilers, turbines – you can start to operate them in multi-fuel mode thanks to DWS’ custom solution.

Duel-fuel or multi-fuel burners include the possibility of operation with two or more gases or oil and gases streams. After implemented changes, the system can operate either on biogas only or if in case of dual-fuel mode – biogas and other gas simultaneously.

The heat or steam demand dictates the regulation of the biogas and supplementary fuels flow as needed for uninterrupted operation.

All the necessary instrumentation, valves, and filters are always chosen based on customer needs and local conditions.

Advantages coming from DWS custom burner modifications:

  • Decreased fossil fuel reliance of your company;
  • Lower operating costs due to biogas use;
  • Smooth and uninterrupted operation of the plant – thanks to custom DWS control philosophy.

Our team can assist you in both commissioning and start-up of the newly modified burner.

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