Biogas desulfurization

Wet biogas scrubber

The wet biogas scrubber from DWS is an ideal solution for the treatment of biogas with hydrogen sulfide concertations between 1 to 5%.

Biogas is blown through a column packed with porous material, with a high contact surface between biogas and washing liquid for an enhanced H2S dissolution.

Our unit can operate efficiently on various types of washing liquids:

  • Freshwater;
  • Process water;
  • Aerobically treated wastewater;
  • Mixed liquor (wastewater from aerobic treatment before final clarification)

The amount of the liquid predicted for the process is estimated so the maximum amount of H2S could dissolve at the given temperature and pH.

In a one-stage DWS wet scrubber, up to 95% of the hydrogen sulfide can be removed.

Advantages of the DWS’ wet biogas scrubber application:

  • The low footprint of the unit due to compacted, column-like design;
  • Simple operation;
  • Very low maintenance costs of the unit;
  • Hydrogen sulfide free biogas stream.

Our team can assist you in both commissioning and start-up of the unit.

wet biogas scrubber DWS

Biological biogas scrubber

To effectively condition high biogas volumes of biogas low in hydrogen sulfide (H2S < 1%) DWS advises the application of our highly-effective biological scrubber.

This biotrickling filter utilizes chemolithotrophic bacteria to oxidize the hydrogen sulfide into sulfur or sulfate at a low capital cost and without large energy inputs, as it can be in case of membrane separation or chemical biogas scrubbers. For the continuous operation, the biofilter requires only nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) and atmospheric air.

Advantages of the DWS’ biological biogas scrubber application:

  • Acid proof tank construction to ensure the longevity of the installation;
  • Proven on many installations media filter applied for the optimal surface area for bacterial growth and low-pressure drop of the filter;
  • Low footprint of the treatment unit;
  • The only waste after the treatment is liquid sulfate solution that can be discharged into the anaerobic effluent stream – leaving no hazardous secondary waste behind;
  • The Operator Control Station of the unit is delivered as a convenient, pre-mounted skid;
  • The hydrogen sulfur concentration in the treated biogas stream is suitable to fuel turbines and other equipment.

Our team can assist you in both commissioning and start-up of the unit.

biological scrubber biogas
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