Ground flare

Temperature controlled ground flares allow for operation between 800 and 950° C (max 1100 °C) guaranteeing maximum methane oxidation. Besides keeping the flaring temperature within the required range, applied insulation is also an excellent noise muffler.

In addition to basic components such as self-supporting flare stack, instrumentation, and control panel, according to our standards, every hot ground flare is equipped with:

  • Temperature measuring transmitters;
  • Temperature controller build in the control panel;
  • The 100 mm thick mounted ceramic stack bound;
  • Two air dampers integrated into the body of the stack to control the burning temperature;
  • High retention low NOx burner;
  • Ignition system with the weatherproof electrode;
  • Pilot burner;
  • Fail-save UV flame detector;
  • Flame arrestor.

All the valves and additional equipment can be provided in accordance with the ATEX directive.

hot ground flare DWS Biogas 2019
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