Safety flares are an indispensable element of many industrial plants.

DWS is experienced in delivering flares to various industries, chemical, petrochemical, food & beverage in which anaerobic digestion is used to treat organic wastes and wastewater with the generation of biogas as a by-product.

Besides serving as anti-explosion protection, flaring off excess gases and biogas reduces the load of greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere.

We offer different flare variations depending on customer requirements and local conditions.

You can count on a custom design, including use of equipment complying with the ATEX directive.  

When you choose DWS as your flare supplier, you can count on the commissioning and start-up of your flare by top industry specialists.

DWS BIogas Elevated Flare

Elevated flares

As one of the most used elevated flares around the world, our flare owes its popularity to robustness, reliability, and lastingness.

Elevated flare
DWS shielded flare biogas

Shielded flares

Shielded flares allow covering the majority of the flame behind the heat resistant shield. The flare construction enables to safely burn the gases on lower altitudes that it would be required for the elevated flare.

Shielded flare
for ground flare

Ground flares

Temperature controlled ground flare allows for operation between 800 and 950° C (max 1100 °C) guaranteeing maximum methane oxidation.

Ground flare