Four decades of experience in biogas treatment and utilization

Companies looking for highly effective biogas processing and use technologies will find a perfect partner in DWS.

As the world focuses on improving the air quality and decarbonization of the energy sources, DWS offers its knowledge and services to assist the industrial partners on their way to sustainable development by use of the biogas as fuel.

It has been over 40 years since Eddy De Wolf started DWS BVBA. As a young specialist in combustion technology, he had focused on converting the oil-fired installation to natural gas installations.

As the anaerobic digestion technology started to grow in popularity as the superb waste-to-energy solutions, the use of biogas, as a carbon-neutral fuel has become more economically attractive for industrial clients.

New application possibilities have contributed to the expansion of our biogas treatment technologies portfolio with biogas dryers, desulfurization units, extremely efficient gas flares, and other custom solutions to meet all the quality requirements posed by various biogas utilization systems.

We have grown to become experts in the field of combustion of gases and liquids. Our multi-fuel industrial burners and steam boiler conversion methods have been applied successfully on dozens of installations.

Now, with hundreds of satisfied customers around the world, a broad scope of advanced biogas treatment technologies – including one of the most popular models of biogas flares ever installed – we keep our focus on finding the most economically sound and environmentally friendly solutions, so business owners around the world could reduce their operating costs and decrease fossil fuel reliance.

Biogas as a renewable energy source
Utilization of biogas generated from your organic waste can reduce costs and fossil fuel reliance – helping in the development of your company without depletion of natural resources.

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