Direct-contact heater

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In the direct-contact water (or wastewater) heater, there is direct contact between the flame, flue gasses, and the water that needs to be heated up. This unique technology is more energy efficient than the traditional water heater or boiler, where there is no contact between and flue gasses.

Thanks to that in DWS unit, condensation heat can be used with an efficiency of  > 100% calculated to the lower heat value (lhv).

Advantages coming from DWS direct-contact heater application include:

  • DWS’ direct contact water heaters are entirely manufactured in stainless steel and delivered ready for use;
  • All accessories for a stable and safe operation are included for every industrial application;
  • Because there is direct contact between flue gasses and water, scaling cannot occur, and water does not need to be (pre)treated. This advantage allows that process water or wastewater can directly be heated.
  • Thanks to the recuperation of the condensation heat, a performance boost of 20 to 30 % is possible as opposed to a traditional heater or boiler, as well as saving 20 to 30 % on fuel and fuel costs;
  • The direct-water or wastewater heater can be fed by several fuels simultaneously, f.e. biogas and natural gas;
  • Optimal setup to always use the biogas first (with automatic addition of supporting fuel to meet the heat demand);
  • Completely automatic operation of the unit.

Our team can assist you in both commissioning and start-up of the unit.

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