Biogas dryer

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Biogas leaving the anaerobic digesters or biogas desulfurization units can be oversaturated with water vapor, which can reach up to 25% of the biogas volume. While passing the pipes and other equipment, the temperature of the biogas decreases, causing the change of physical state of the vapor to liquid.

The presence of hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in the condensed water results in the formation of corrosive acids which destructive nature can lead to significant damage to the installation.

The skid-mounted biogas dryer from DWS is one of the most effective biogas dehumidification systems on the market. The main components – the chiller and gas-liquid heat exchanger – being built out of corrosion-proof materials, make the skid suitable to be a part of outdoor installations.

Advantages coming from DWS biogas dryer application include:

  • space savings due to compacted design;
  • a very low-pressure drop of the entire drying step;
  • straight- forward operation;
  • no maintenance costs
  • very clean biogas stream leaving the dryer.

Our team can assist you in both commissioning and start-up of the unit.

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