retrofits Multi-fuel boiler retrofits

Already after a few years of being in operation, your biogas system performance can deteriorate.

With a wide range of technologies and specialistic equipment in our scope, you can count for DWS to deliver, install and commission your upgraded unit to restore the overall biogas treatment and utilization system capacity successfully.

Advanced biogas control systems

Installed on over a hundred installations biogas processing and utilization control system from DWS, has behind it over 40 years of engineering and operation.

Fuel and multi-fuel burners modification for maximum biogas use

As global energy prices rise the use of biogas as fuel has become a source of significant savings for many companies. With our custom multi-fuel burner conversions, every volume of biogas generated during anaerobic treatment of waste, landfilling, or others can be successfully used as a fuel at your plant.

Our team can advise you on optimal biogas use based on existing at your site equipment, whether those are steam boilers, water heaters or gen sents – you can count on our assistance.

Pre-mounted biogas treatment units

When you decide to switch to more advanced biogas utilization method, whether it is an upgrade from flaring to fueling your water heater, or from feeding steam boiler to CHP turbine, one or more additional biogas treatment steps might be required.

Besides protecting from rapid material deterioration and possible system failures, the removal of impurities present in biogas (humidity, hydrogen sulfide, others) increases the methane content, and through that, the average caloric value of the biogas.

Our skid-mounted biogas dryers, desulfurization units, direct-water heaters, and others, are engineered to fit the local situation smoothly without unnecessary and expensive rebuilds in the existing biogas treatment system.

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