Biogas is our speciality
DWS was founded in 1977 and
originally specialized in the
conversion of industrial boilers
from fuel oil tot natural gas.
During the Years we got involved
in the burning, recuperation and
valorization of biogas.
If you have biogas, DWS is your partner.
We design, manufacture, start up and commission the following equipment.
- Elevated, shielded, closed and closed temperature controlled biogas flare.
- Biogas recuperation/valorization.
Via indirect water heater.
Via submerged combustion.
Via modification of your existing burner(s), on steam boiler(s) or heater(s).
- Biogas driers.
Dew point -15°C.
- Biogas, landfill gas, air and natural gas blowers.
- Ray International burners.
One of the leaders in industrial single and multi fuel burners.
- Equipment for biogas plants: breather valves, flame arresters,
  demisters, biogas flow meters.